Changes to Huai'an

  • Jenny Yang
  • Friday, 28 March 2014 00:00
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Jenny Yang Jenny Yang

I moved to Huai’an, my second hometown, 15 years ago for the sake of my husband, so I have witnessed many of the changes here.


People used to ride bicycles or take buses. But now, there are more e-bikes than bikes on the street. More and more parents send their kids to school by car.

There were fewer parks and fitness squares in the past. Qingyan Park, Chuxiu Park and the Zoo were the few choices. In recent years, the Huai’an municipal government has put in lots of efforts and funds to build more facilities. Now more parks are available to the public (free of charge), such as Bochishan Park, Oriental Maternal Park, and Ecological Park of Ancient Huai River etc.  

Despite the changes mentioned above, Huaianers’ hospitality and kindness haven’t changed. When getting on a bus, you’ll find friendly Huaianers are ready to offer the courtesy seats, which impresses all the visitors who always give a thumbs-up to them. I feel so proud of being a Huaianer. I hope more newcomers will choose Huaian as their second hometown like me and contribute to the development of Huai’an.

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