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  • Sunday, 03 August 2014 18:57
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I'm Bruce Adams from Vancouver, Canada. I am the headmaster of Henry Hudson, an elementary school in the Vancouver School District.


This time I come to China, not only for travel, but also for cultural exchange. I want to know what China looks like now, and also to discuss some education problems with Chinese teachers here. So, my first stop is Huai’an, China. In Huai’an, I have learned a lot, basically the following several aspects:

Food: For me, the ancient China is full of charm, especially the varieties of food. I didn’t know until I came to Huai’an that it is the home of Huai-Yang Cuisine! The food here is very light and refreshing. I am very fond of Cattail Shoots with Dried Shrimp, Crawfish with Thirteen Spices, and Pingqiao Tofu. You know, there are no such delicacies in Canada.

Huai’an’s history: I know China is a country with a long history, but little did I know that even Huai’an has a history of more than 2000 years, much longer than Canada. I like the Ancient Hexia Town and Ciyun Temple. I think these are representatives of the ancient Chinese elements. Even the Monkey King is here, making me so surprised! Friendly

Huaianers: I have met many residents here who warmly invited me to their houses. Some have traditional Chinese-style furniture, and some have "IKEA"-style ones. How beautiful! I like the China with both traditional charms and modern elements here. The people here are all very friendly, and I get along well with them.

Thank you very much for your warm hospitality.

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