Buses 19, 38 & 116: Routes Changed

  • Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00
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Passengers waiting for the buses coming. Passengers waiting for the buses coming. Frank Wang

Upon request from Huai’an public transportation riders, Huai’an Bus Company changed the routes of Buses 19, 38 and 116 on March 29.

Bus 19 no longer passes by the previous stops of Shuguang Road and Central Leather City on East Yellow River Road. It now takes the East Yellow River Road, the entrance of Changzheng Primary School on Shuguang Road, Sakura Road, and Central Leather City. The stop of Yixing Mingren Wan is added.

Bus 38 currently rides on Xiamen Road, Suzhou Road and Shenzhen Road. It avoids Airport Road.

Bus 116 chooses Xiaoying Square, North Huaihai Road, North Coach Station and Yiwu Business and Trade City. North Huaihai Road, Zuozhuang and Taizhou Business City are added to the route. Hong Kong Road is no longer on the route of Bus 116.

Other stops on the above routes, if not mentioned, remain unchanged.

For more information on the buses in Huai’an, please visit this micro-blog at weibo.com/u/3192489644

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