A 62-year-old Lianshui farmer claims 210-kg-each iron shoes keep him fit

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ZHOU Junchen & his iron shoes ZHOU Junchen & his iron shoes WANG Lei

ZHOU Junchen, 62, is a farmer living in Yufeng Village, Lianshui County. He is famous for his ability to walk with a pair of iron shoes. Each of his shoes, made of 20 iron plates, weighs 210kg. Is this true?

“The shoes are more than 400kg in weight. I can only move inches every time,” ZHOU told Huaihai Evening Paper, “I need breaks to keep walking.  Usually a short walk in the living room is OK for me, but no more than that.”

He explained that the reason for him to wear the iron shoes is to keep fit.  He started to run with weight at the age of 9. In 2004, the sand bags he tied to his legs weighed more than 50kg. They were too big to wear. At that time, ZHOU got the idea of makng a pair of iron shoes.

“I add about 25kg to the shoes every month. My goal is to reach 950kg,” ZHOU introduced , “Till next Spring Festival, I can get it to 600kg. But I am getting older; I will stop adding weight on the shoes and keep that weight.”

Huaihai Evening Paper found that ZHOU is not the only person in China who tries iron shoes. Some of them credit their abilities to the Chinese spiritual martial art Qigong.

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