Bus alert and detours

  • Wednesday, 13 August 2014 23:53
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Bus alert and detours Frank Wang

Bus 7 detours to avoid the crowded North Gate Bridge area. Do not wait for the buses at the stops of West Huaihai Square, North Renmin Rd., Children's Palace, North Gate Bridge, West Street, Qingyan Garden, Women and Children's Hospital.

It now rides on South Huaihai Rd. and West Liberation Rd. No change to the rest of the route.

Buses 4, 8, 33 and 69(southbound) have rides on East Huaihai Rd., Weibei Rd., Huanyu Rd., and Xiangyu Ave. to pass quickly through the construction site of the tramway at Shuidukou.

Bus 14 has extended its route to Huai'an Sports Centre on Aug. 13, 2014. It now passes South Huaihai Rd., Zhengda Rd. Mingguang Rd., Mingyuan Rd. and Tongfu Rd.

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